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My name is Trina Graves, I live in Oxfordshire, UK.

In 2010 I created my original (spiritual-quotes-to-live-by) site and in 2016 my Inspirational Poems blog here on WordPress.

I married at 17 and had my three children before I was 22. I never once regretted this, and felt truly blessed that in the same year my marriage ended, I became a grandmother!

On the day my granddaughter was born in 1997, I unintentionally wrote a poem: Letter From Your Newborn, about babies and the Law of Attraction (I never knew about the law back then). The synchronicity of this is also now so clear: my granddaughter is at University training to become a midwife.

Family was always my main focus, so I was never interested in pursuing a ‘career.’ In fact, my longest job role was in my father’s family business! Which is why so many of my poems are family based.

I am a very proud nanny of ten grandchildren (two step), ranging from the ages of 22 to 5.

My grandchildren in 2016

My easy to see ‘Spiritual Path’ began in January 92, I had just turned 31 and my uncle died. At his funeral there were two sympathy poems passed around that I found so inspirational. From that time I began to collect positive and inspirational quotes and poems. A few years later my uncle was to play another crucial part along my path. If you would like to know more about this I have written a poem: My Cataylst.

I could write a very long page all about my journey to where I am now, however, a lot of my story is in my poems! And, I will continue writing more.

We all have a story to tell, mine is no more important then anyone elses, but I do believe that in sharing our stories we can help others to understand their own.


With my children in 2016
Summer 2020 – With my son and his daughter

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